Boy or Girl ?

A new family member

Boy or Girl?

There seems to be a general idea that the girls make for better pets. This may be true in many breeds but with tenties it really comes down to what you are looking for in your new family member.

Being a very intelligent breed both boys and girls learn at a fairly fast rate and require lots of stimulation and fun training games.


Toilet Training – in my experience the boys tend to catch on a bit quicker and when out and about it’s the boys that are a lot easier to toilet when walking or on holidays with the family. Girls tend to be a lot more selective as to where they will go. But don’t get caught up in the idea that a boy will lift his leg all over the place. Believe me some girls are just as bad with lifting their leg to toilet in inappropriate places as well.


Bonding – All Tenties bond fairly solidly with their families but it is the boys that tend to be more person focused. A lot of the girls can be very independent and self involved especially in situations where you really want their focus on you.


Tenties can just as easily be the calm lap dog as they can be the ‘on the go what can we do now’ type of dog, they don’t do well if left in the yard without being an active family member. Although happy to spend long hours in the yard, if they have sufficient toys to keep them busy, they do need to spend time with the family in the house on a daily basis.

When deciding on the right puppy to join your family temperament and personality should be your first priority not the sex of the pup. Decide what it is that you want in a pup and let the breeder know. After all it is the breeder who has spent all day every day interacting with the pup and will be best placed to gauge each pups personality traits and recommend the right pup for your family situation.

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