Clicker Training

Clicker Training

At Tentapride all my litters are now raised with a solid foundation in clicker training.

Clicker Training is a 100% positive method of training that encourages your dog to think for itself and puzzle out various movements to achieve the behaviour that you want.

Clicker training is based on food and game/fun rewards.

Clicker trained pups are confident and happy pups ready and willing to try new things.  I have used clicker training for a wide variety of training such at toilet training, show training, trick training and obedience/agility training.

At Tentapride I utilise clicker training to give my pups that extra head start for a lifetime of learning. My goal is to ensure my pups are confident and eager to take part in all the adventures your family undertakes.

Clicker Training commences when weaning starts just to get the pups to associate food/good things follow a click. By 5 weeks they are starting to offer behaviours, which is the core of clicker training, for a desired reward.

There is a wealth of information on clicker training on the web written by people with far more experience and knowledge than I have however I am always happy to guide my puppy families in ongoing training.

Recommended books and websites

Any Karen Pryor resource but a good starting book is Getting Started with Clicker Training: Karen Pryor

Mary Ray’s Superdog: clicker training for obedience, tricks and agility

Positive Training for Show Dogs: Vicki Ronchette

A great collection of free u-tube videos can be found at provide an extensive resource of clicker training books that are available for sale at very reasonable prices

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