DNA Testing in the Tenterfield

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DNA Testing of Tenterfield Terriers


Although DNA health testing has been available in the dog world for around 20 years now, the concept is still very new to breeders of Tenterfield Terriers.

At Tentapride I am proud of the fact that I am one of the very first Tenterfield breeders to embrace and utilise DNA testing in my breeding program.

I have always made my dogs available to testing trials and am happy to discuss my results with anyone as I have a firm belief that the more information we have the better choices we can make.

DNA testing can be used for a variety of reasons but the predominant use is to enable us identify potential health issues and give us the knowledge to make appropriate breeding choices to ensure the ongoing health and wellbeing on these great little dogs.

DNA testing that is currently available for Tenterfield Terriers includes Natural Bob Tail (NBT) confirmation, Primary Lens Luxation (PLL) and Congenital Hypothyroidism with Goitre (CHG) and coat colour (what colours a dog may produce).


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