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At Tentapride all my puppies are raised in the house and not in a kennel environment as I believe this creates the best socialised and confident puppies. I do not own a kennel complex, my dogs are my pets and are treated as such.

  Full or Limited registration with DogsNSW

Note that main registered pups will only be sold to current ANKC members on agreed terms.


I ensure all Tentapride puppies experience a range of situations, people and other dogs (where possible)

Puppies are handled regularly from birth and interact with my other dogs from an early stage. Usually from the time they start weaning. They also get plenty of freeranging time in the house and yard from around 5 weeks. I also try to ensure they have had several trips in the car by the time they are 8 weeks old.

I also endeavour to make sure my pups are given an opportunity to develop some independence from their litter mates prior to going to their new homes so that the settling in period is as stress free for them as possible.

My pups also experience a range of loud noises from the time their little ears open so as to avoid noise sensitivity as they grow and develop.

As the pups undergo a critical fear period between 8 & 9 weeks of age it is not ideal to release pups younger than 9 weeks of age and as such pups will may join their families from 9 weeks old (dependent of individual pups maturity levels)


Due to the new DogsNSW registration requirements there may be some delay in receiving a pups registration papers prior the time of collection of the pups.  Generally I will not release puppies until the papers are received back from DogsNSW however in the rare instance that you are waiting on your pups registration papers I invite you to enquire with DogsNSW to confirm that I have sent the paperwork to them for processing.


Desexing your pup can be arranged prior to collecting your pup at your cost.   If interested in this option please let me know so that I can obtain a cost estimate for you from my vet to compare to your own vets cost.


It is a condition of sale that no refunds will be entertained  (partial or full) without the return of the pup.

To obtain a Full Refund pup must be returned before 16 weeks of age. 

Pups older than 16 weeks refundable amount will be dependent on reasons for return, health and socialisation levels of the pup and will be at my discretion.


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Leanne Bennett
Mid North Coast, NSW, Australia
Email : [email protected]