Litter Box - Amber

Amber safely delivered 4 beautiful pups on 30 May 2018

Pup 1 - tan & white natural bob tail girl - Chilli (sold)

Pup 2 - tan & white long tail boy - Ghost (sold)

Pup 3 - tan & white long tail girl - Rika (sold)

Pup 4 - tan & white bob tail girl - Pepper (on hold - deposit pending)

Mum & pups are all doing well


7 June 2018

1 week on and all is well.  Pups are undergoing early neurological stimulation each day now and this will continue until they are 16 days old.  After this point scientific evidence it offers no further benefit to the pup as their eyes and ears are open and they are getting sufficient stimulation from that point onwards


17 June 2018

Pups have now opened the eye's and ears and are just started to wobble about on their legs.  ENS has now finished and noise desensitisation beings.  Each pup continues to receive individual attention throughout the day.


4 July 2018

Well we now have 4 real little dogs.  They are now up on their feet and investigating their world.  playing with themselves, mum, humans and toys.  Each day I add something new and novel into the playpen and they will soon be spending some time outside each day as the weather permits.  

Toilet training has also commenced and they will soon start crate training.

Pups are now eating solids well as their mum Amber has decided she will only feed them in 20second intervals so they can no longer fill up on her milk and must eat their mince.


6 July 2018

Pups are now enjoying some free ranging time each day in the house and hopefully if weather permits they will soon be exploring the outside world as well.


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