Litter Box Diary - Chilli

Tentapride is raising this litter of behalf of Atenta Tenterfield Terriers


Damn - Tentapride Hot Chilli 2100500042

'Chilli" natural bob tail

PLL & CHG Clear

Sire - Atenta Tigars Dream 2100512034

"Elvis" long tail

PLL & CHG clear

Pups arrived 20 January 2020

Pup 1 - tan & white long tail girl sold

Pup 2 - tan & white natural bob tail girl sold

Pup 3 - tan & white natural bob tail girl sold

Pup 4 - tan & white natural bob tail boy available


Day 3 and all going well so far with pups all showing small weight gains.  Mums milk should be coming in today so im expecting bigger weight gains over the next 24 hours.

ENS has commenced


26 January 2020

Day 6 and pups are progressing nicely with good weight gains and all 4 are on track to double their birth weight in the next 2 days


6 weeks old

Puppies are doing extremely well.  Are real little dogs now with personalities developing.

Zac is now offered for sale has just become available.

He is a sweet & intelligent boy with a little mischief in his eyes.

A tan & white natural bob tail pup.  Photo's available on request.

Vaccinations, chips and health checks passed on 2 March 2020.

Environmental socialisation, manners and toilet training already well underway.  

Zac is a gentle and fun loving pup who learns quickly.





Contact Details

Leanne Bennett
Mid North Coast, NSW, Australia
Email : [email protected]