Litter Box Diary - Maggi

Maggi safely delivered 5 beautiful boys on Christmas day 2018

Affectionately known as the 'Reindeer Gang'

Deposits now being accepted

Pup 1 - tan & white natural bob tail boy - Donner [Dony]

Pup 2 - tan & white long tail boy - Dasher [Dash]

Pup 3 - tan & white long tail boy - Cupid [Coop]

Pup 4 - tan & white natural bob tail boy - Rudolf [Rudy] SOLD

Pup 5 - tan & white long tail boy - Blitzen [Blitz] SOLD

Maggi & pups are all doing well


This litter will carry the "Atenta" prefix and will be registered as 3rd generation on the National Tenterfied Terrier Breed Development Register rather than carry ANKC registration.  Some breeders are still actively bringing in new breeding lines to expand our gene pool with the aim of continuing to improve the diversity and health within the breed and i am privileged to assist with raising this litter. 


1 January 2019

1 week on and all is well.  Pups are undergoing early neurological stimulation each day now and this will continue until they are 16 days old.  After this point scientific evidence suggests it offers no further benefit to the pup as their eyes and ears are open and they are getting sufficient stimulation from that point onwards


8 January 2019

Pups have now opened the eyes and ears and are just starting to wobble about on their legs.  ENS has now finished and noise desensitisation beings.  Each pup continues to receive individual attention throughout the day.


18 January 2019

Pups have now moved to the playpen.  This week we see alot of new experiences for the pups.  Noise desensitisation occurs and daily vacuuming around the playpen.  Pups have been introduced to 'real food' and they are currently tasting mince (turkey & beef) so far with natural yogurt.

The first stages of toilet training has started with pups being placed in the toilet area whenever they wake and a couple are even heading that way on their own now.


25 January 2019

Pups are progressing nicely and starting to show their adventurous natures.

Rudolf is the first one into everything.  He is a very social adventurous soul. With the rest of the gang tending to follow his lead.

Yesterday early evening was their very first grass experience which was a little daunting but they all realxed and had a little sniff and wander.They are eating 'real' food a little more each day and are now coming towards me seeking interactions when I get in the pen with them.


27 January 2019

Pups are loving their outside expeditions and are now being taken out multiple times throughout the day to introduce the concept on outside toileting.  This is dependent on the weather at this point as pups will not be taken outside during the intense heat of the day.  They are going out during the mornings then we restart late afternoon early evenings.

They are also starting to go to their litter box during play sessions.  Its a very positive start to their toilet training. 


2 February 2019

Pups are now enjoying their extended inside/outside pen when its cool enough to keep the doors open so they can access outside when they choose.  Pups are being run outside (they are just learning to follow when called) for regular outside toileting and some free range yard investigations.

The are now being weaned with mum still feedign as she chooses however they are eating more and more and enjoying a wide variety of foods.  Various minces & vegetables, some fish and they are just now starting to nibble on some grain free dry food.

Pups are also being introduced to the lead., simply by dragging a light lead around while they have a little free ranging time in the loungeroom.  Next step is to allow them to drag the lead outside while closely supervised ofcourse.


6 February 2019

Short car trips are now happening every 2nd day and today saw the intruction of the "puppy sounds" noise desensitation cd.  Pups also met a new person today as part of their early socialisation.

Crate training has also commenced and lead training continues.

Pups are also starting to learn manners so they are expected to offer a sit before being picked up or played with.


11 February 2019

Back from pups 1st vet visit and all went well.  All pups passed their health checks and have nw had their 1 st vaccination and have been microchipped.


16 February 2019

The boys are going great.  Toilet training is going really well with pups being run outside every hour on the hour, awake or asleep.  Unless pups are in their crates (afternoon naps & overnight sleeping).  When crated pups are left until they wake and tell me by whining that they need to go out.  Crate training pups really assists with toilet training and teaching the pups to let you know when they need to go out.  but during the first few months at home pups should be taken out hourly during the day and immediately after eating or drinking.


They are still going for regular car rides (crated) as well so these pups will travel well and setttle down almost as soon as they get in the car.


Donner is quietly confident. He is the thinker of the group. When something new is introduced he prefers to just sit back and watch & think it through rather than rushing right in. He is in no way timid. He is showing signs of being an excellent problem solve. A quiet, calm & intelligent personality.

Donner will bond solidly with 'his' person and would make a great travel buddy.


Cupid is taking his time gaining his confidence. His natural curiousity got him into a little trouble early on so he is currently a little more reserved than the rest of the litter. With some extra attention and controlled introductions he is once again starting to show his curiosty again. He is growing inconfidence everyday.

Cupid is a cuddly boy who will suit a quieter home.


Blitz is the quiet all rounder. Adventurous with new challenges and loves his cuddles. Happy in his own company and comfortable as part if the pack. Blitz is the kind of boy that just goes with the flow.


Dasher is cheeky and smart. Approaches new challenges with enthusiasm and already showing sone natural retrieving ability. He loves grabbing a toy and taking it away for his own quiet game but is always in the mix enjoying new adventures.

Dasher wll keep up with the kids and will thrive going on family adventures



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