Litter Box Diary - Maggi

Maggi safely delivered 5 beautiful boys on Christmas day 2018

Affectionately known as the 'Reindeer Gang'

Pup 1 - tan & white natural bob tail boy - Donner [Dony]

Pup 2 - tan & white long tail boy - Dasher [Dash]

Pup 3 - tan & white long tail boy - Cupid [Coop]

Pup 4 - tan & white natural bob tail boy - Rudolf [Rudy]

Pup 5 - tan & white long tail boy - Blitzen [Blitz]

Maggi & pups are all doing well


This litter will carry the "Atenta" prefix and will be registered as 3rd generation on the National Tenterfied Terrier Breed Development Register rather than carry ANKC registration.  Some breeders are still actively bringing in new breeding lines to expand our gene pool with the aim of continuing to improve the diversity and health within the breed and i am privileged to assist with raising this litter. 


1 January 2019

1 week on and all is well.  Pups are undergoing early neurological stimulation each day now and this will continue until they are 16 days old.  After this point scientific evidence suggests it offers no further benefit to the pup as their eyes and ears are open and they are getting sufficient stimulation from that point onwards


8 January 2019

Pups have now opened the eyes and ears and are just starting to wobble about on their legs.  ENS has now finished and noise desensitisation beings.  Each pup continues to receive individual attention throughout the day.


18 January 2019

Pups have now moved to the playpen.  This week we see alot of new experiences for the pups.  Noise desensitisation occurs and daily vacuuming around the playpen.  Pups have been introduced to 'real food' and they are currently tasting mince (turkey & beef) so far with natural yogurt.

The first stages of toilet training has started with pups being placed in the toilet area whenever they wake and a couple are even heading that way on their own now.






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