Litter Box Diary - Queen B

Queen B safely delivered 6 gorgeous puppies on 2 February 2019

These pups will carry the 'Atenta' prefix but will continue to be raised here at Tentapride

pup 1 - Rose - black tri, long tail girl SOLD

pup 2 - Timmy- black tri, no tail boy SOLD

pup 3 - Patch - black tri, bob tail boy SOLD

pup 4 - Tiliy - black tri, bob tail girl SOLD

pup 5 - Stellar - black tri, long tail girl  SOLD

pup 6 - Pink - black tri, no tail girl SOLD


4 february 2019

All 6 pups are gaining nicely.  The tiny boy (pup 2) who is half the size of his siblings is dong well so far but ive also decided to start suppliment feeding him so that he doesn't fall behind.  he has a big struggle just to compete with the others for the milk bar so im just going to give him a helping hand to ensure he gets everything he needs.


6 February 2019

Early Neurological stimulation has started with the pups.


11 February 2019

Pups are all gaining nicely even the little boy.  I continue to suppliment feed him as he remains half the size of the rest of the litter but he is strong and gaining nicely


1 March 2019

Ive been out of action with the flu for a bit so other than directly caring for the pups i havent been able to keep up with the updates.  

All 6 pups are going great and have taken o solids with enthusiasm.  At the moment i am offering them a warm chicken or turkey mince and goat milk slushy morning and night.  its a rather messy affair but the pups enjoy it and mum gets the left overs.  

Noise desensitisation continues with lots of handling of the pups now.


11 March 2019

I have been reminded that I have been very remiss with my updates.

The pups are powering along and are now 5 weeks old and showing more independence every day. $ of the pups are now taking the step and taking themselves into the outside playpen of their own accorded but 2 girls are still just contemplating the big step.  I expect to see them taking themselves out within the next few days.

Pups are now eating well but mum is still happy to feed them for short periods of time and she is now choosing to spend more time away from them but does checkin with them regularly for a quick game. Pups have also met most of my other adults under supervision and get short play sessions with Teddy (Cupid) who is 11 weeks old.

We have started preparing for their first vet visit next week by practising "vet exams" and getting used to the table and we will start taking short car rides later this week.


17 March 2017

The pups toilet training is coming along nicely and they are now enjoying the better part of each day with access to the outside pen and complain when they dont have access.  They are just starting to take themselves out for toileting but when inide they are getting alot better at heading to the puppy pad trays for toileting.

We are continuing our preparation for the first vet visit and they had their first car ride today.

The last lot of pic's taken had more missing than half decent shots so i can only upload a few pic's today.


21 March 2019

Well things have got very busy here as pups have started their toilet training.  This involves me calling them out onto the grass every 45 minutes or so throughout the day. They are eating well and responding when called.  Pups are also learning that to get attention they must sit first.



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