Natural Bob Tail

Natural Bob Tail

The Tenterfield Terrier is one of a few breeds that have a natural bob tail gene and Tenties are the only terrier in Australia that has a Natual Bob Tail.

The NBT gene in the tentie is not associated with any disease. The tail length cannot be predicted with the occurence of the NBT gene.  Tails can range from no discernable tail at all (rumpy) to a tail that is around 3/4 of a full length tail.

Although we were a traditionally docked breed it is now illegal to dock any dogs tail so if your dog has a short tail it is likely to be a NBT.  Not all breeders will verify the existence of the NBT via DNA testing (it is not required) however most Canine Controlling Bodies in Australia require that NBT pups are confirmed by a vet within 7 days of birth.

Interestingly with the NBT gene, to carry it your dog must present with a shortened tail length.  Also for a pup to have a NBT at least one of the parents must have a NBT.  It is not possible for 2 full tailed parents to produce a NBT pup however NBT parents may or may not pass the NBT gene on to their offspring.

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