Avoiding Noise Phobias

Noise Sensitivity

As soon as Tentapride pups have their eye's and ear's open they move into the lounge room
where there is constant noise from the TV and other dogs. I also do things like drop stainless steel
bowls or bang on a pot or clap  at random times so the pups learn early in their life to
recover quickly when they are startled.

Once you take your pup home it is important that you not make a fuss when he/she might
startle at a loud noise. He/She should recover and carry on as normal fairly quickly but it is important that you use the next thunder storm or neighbourhood party as a training opportunity.


When there is a clap of thunder or fireworks r ignited stop whatever you are doing and play a game with your pup or give him/her an extra special treat. By doing this you are turning a potentially frightening situation into something positive.

Dogs aren’t inherently noise phobic but our actions can create the phobia. Loud noises should always mean something good is coming not something scary is about to happen. Instil this understanding into your pup and
you will never have a noise phobic dog.

Always take care to leave your pup/dog in a secure small contained space if you can’t be with him/her on New Years Eve. Tempting fate is never a good idea.


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