Appropriate socialising is very important at this young age however it needs to be done appropriately and carefully.

Ideally your puppy should be introduced to between 50 & 100 different people before he/she is 12 weeks old. Yes it is possible for your puppy to meet all these people with a small change to your daily routine over the next few weeks.

A few 5-10 minute walks around your local shopping centre will have children, older people, and just about everyone in between asking for a pat or cuddle of your gorgeous pup. However you need to take care and not take your pup to any area or shopping centre where unknown dogs wander regularly either on lead or off.

I usually start off by taking my 8 week old pups to the shopping centre surrounds and keeping them in my arms for the for 3-4 visits but I do encourage anyone that asks to pat the puppy. After your pup settles in this environment I then allow the pup to walk on lead so they get used to seeing and smelling all those strange things at ground level.

Never take your pup to a dog park until after its 3rd vaccination though or any area where a lot of unknown dogs gather.

It is also important for your pup to meet as many other dogs as possible before 12 weeks but it needs to be done with great care. I would suggest introducing your pup to other dogs that you know are fully vaccinated and good with puppies. Taking him/her to a puppy preschool would also be beneficial.

All Tentapride puppies that stay with me beyond the 8 week mark will continue on an intensive socialisation program to ensure that no matter the age of your pup when you finally take it home I will have given it every opportunity to develop into a confident, independent & social dog.


Potential new owners are encouraged to discuss socialisation with me and if they feel they cannot provide a good level of socialisation to consider leaving pup with me until at least 12 weeks so that I can do most of the socialisation needed prior to joining their families


After your first show pup?  Im more than happy to mentor any new showy and will guide you through preparing your pup for the show ring.  Alternatively pup can stay with me under 12 weeks so that I cna do alot of the foundation skills ready for your 1st ring experience





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