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I have strong belief in appropriate training to ensure Tentapride pups develop into confident and intelligent family members.  However training should not stop once you take your new family member home.

I start their early training with neurological stimulation and this starts when they are 1 day old.  Once the pups start to wean I utilise clicker training so that they associate food and other good things with the clicker.

What is a clicker training you ask?

Clicker training is a 100% positive training method and when applied correctly, pups soon learn to use their inate intelligence and problem solving skills.  Clicker training also aids in the development of a very strong bond with their human family and assists in developing confidence in the pup.

Once Tentapride puppies are on their feet and engaging in play I provide a wide variety of toys that I rotate throughout their play pen.  Once old enough around 4 weeks I start to introduce them with other adult dogs besides their mum and they get plenty of time investigating the house and yard. 

Toilet training starts at around 6 weeks old and I also begin training a behaviour like sit or wave so that they are well on their way to a lifetime of learning.



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